Sell Gold Jewellery for the Highest Price in Singapore with

Sell Gold Jewellery For Highest Price in Singapore with

Sell Gold Jewellery For Highest Price In Singapore With

When it comes to selling gold jewellery for the highest price for cash in Singapore, stands out as the premier choice. Our reputation for fairness, transparency, and competitive pricing ensures you get the best value for your gold. Here’s why is your go-to destination for selling gold jewellery in Singapore.

Customer Testimonials

Marcus L. - "Billy is very knowledgeable and fast in responding to my queries. Repeated and comfortable doing business with him. Once again, thanks Billy for the professional service, this time I got a good price selling my gold bracelet."

Willie W. - "Billy is friendly approachable and very transparent in his dealings. He provide good rates and payments are immediate via paynow. I have no qualms dealing with him in the future n even refer other people to him. Thanks Billy."

Mary C. - "Recommended by my friend, Billy is friendly, courteous and professional. He has alot of patience and handles all my queries with confidence. This is my 1st time meeting him and he gives me a good impression of himself."

Tony K. - "Fast and efficient transaction but most importantly the price is extremely fair and reasonable. Highly recommended"

Xiao Y. - "After reading all those good reviews, I have no hesitation to contact him to find out more about the rates before booking an appointment with him although is last min booking, he is very patience, friendly and professional. Compared with others, his rate is the best one."

Izan K. - "Very good & reliable dealer. Easy transaction. Clearly well explained. Will deal again. Highly recommend no joke."

Linda R. - "Best deal, best transaction, flexible time/place/payment method and can negociate offering price, if you know your gold is good. Thanks Billy!"

And many more testimonials ...

Understanding the Gold Market with

Singapore’s gold market is a dynamic and transparent environment, regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). At, we stay ahead of market trends and ensure our clients benefit from the most up-to-date and favorable gold prices. Our gold specialist is well-versed in global gold market dynamics, allowing us to offer the best prices based on real-time market data in Singapore.

Evaluating Your Gold Jewellery at

At, we understand that the value of gold jewellery hinges on several factors:

Gold Purity: We assess the karat value of your gold, ensuring you get a price that reflects its true purity, whether it’s 18K, 20K, 22K or 24K or 999.9.

Weight: Our precise measurement techniques guarantee accurate weight assessments, ensuring you are paid for every gram or troy ounce of your gold.

Market Price: We use the current market price to offer you a fair deal. Our transparent process allows you to see how the spot price affects your gold's value.

Condition and Craftsmanship: While intrinsic gold value is crucial, we also consider the condition and craftsmanship of your jewellery, potentially offering higher prices for well-maintained pieces or those with intricate designs.

Brand and Design: Jewellery from renowned brands or with unique designs can carry a premium. We recognize and appraise such pieces accurately, ensuring you get the best price.

Why Choose

Choosing the right buyer is crucial for maximizing the value of your gold jewellery. Here’s why should be your first choice:

Competitive Prices: At, we pride ourselves on offering the highest gold prices in the market for your gold bars, gold scraps, gold coins or gold jewellery. Our real-time pricing model ensures you get the best deal based on current market conditions.

Expert Appraisal: Our team of experienced appraisers accurately evaluates your jewellery, considering factors such as purity, weight, and design to provide a fair and transparent offer.

Convenient and Secure Process: Selling your gold or gold jewellery with is straightforward and secure. Our process is designed to ensure your peace of mind, from the initial appraisal to the final transaction.

Immediate Payment: We understand the importance of quick access to cash. Once you accept our offer, we provide immediate payment, allowing you to walk away with cash in hand.

Customer Satisfaction: At, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to provide a seamless and pleasant experience, ensuring you feel valued and appreciated throughout the process.

Preparing Your Gold or Gold Jewellery for Sale

To get the best price for your gold jewellery, it’s important to present it in optimal condition. Here are some steps to prepare your items for appraisal at

Clean Your Gold Jewellery: Properly clean your pieces to enhance their appearance. Use appropriate cleaning methods to avoid damaging delicate items.

Gather Documentation: Bring any purchase receipts, certificates of authenticity, and previous appraisals. These documents help substantiate the value and authenticity of your gold or gold jewellery.

Photograph Your Items: Take clear, detailed photographs of your gold or gold jewellery. This helps document the condition and can be useful for online listings if needed.

The Selling Process at

Selling your gold or gold jewellery at is a simple and transparent process. Here’s how it works:

Fix Appointment And Visit Us: Do fix appointment with us before you bring your gold or gold jewellery to our conveniently located office in Singapore. We will guide you through the appraisal process.

Appraisal: Our expert gold appraisers will evaluate your gold jewellery, considering factors such as purity, weight, condition, and design. This ensures you get a fair and accurate offer.

Offer: Based on the appraisal, we will present you with a competitive offer. Our offers are based on real-time market prices, ensuring you get the best deal.

Acceptance and Payment: Once you accept our offer, we provide immediate payment. We can proceed with Paynow to have the amount transferred to your bank account.

Customer Support: Our relationship doesn’t end with the transaction. We offer ongoing support and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Legal regulations and Safety Considerations

At, we prioritize your safety and comply with all legal regulations:

Verified Credentials: is a licensed dealer with Ministry of Law (MLaw) and a reputable gold buyer. Our credentials and reputation ensure a secure and trustworthy transaction.

Secure Transactions: Our office is equipped with security measures to ensure safe transactions. For large transactions, we recommend meeting at a bank where you can deposit the cash immediately.

Scam Prevention: Dealing with minimizes the risk of scams. We provide a secure and professional environment for all transactions.

Timing Your Sale

Timing can impact the price you get for your gold jewellery. Here’s how to optimize your timing:

Monitor Gold Prices: Keep an eye on gold price trends. Selling during a peak in gold prices can maximize your returns. At, we help you stay informed about market movements.

Economic Indicators: Pay attention to economic indicators and geopolitical events. Gold prices often rise during economic uncertainty or geopolitical tensions, providing a favorable selling environment.

Seasonal Demand: Consider selling during peak demand periods, such as festive seasons or during economic downturns when investors turn to gold as a safe-haven asset.

Selling gold jewellery for the highest price for cash in Singapore is made easy with Our commitment to competitive pricing, expert appraisal, and exceptional customer service ensures you get the best value for your gold. Whether you’re looking to liquidate assets, upgrade your jewellery collection, or simply take advantage of high gold prices, is your trusted partner in the process.

Visit today and discover the best way to sell your gold jewellery in Singapore. Our expert gold specialist is ready to assist you in maximizing your returns with a secure, transparent, and rewarding selling experience.

Why Selling Gold With Us?

Selling gold can be a great way to turn your gold into some extra cash, especially if you have used gold or unwanted gold jewelry lying around. As a trusted gold buyer in Singapore, we are committed to paying top dollar for your gold items. However, It is crucial that you only engage with reputable gold buyers, such as ourselves, who possess a valid Mlaw license in Singapore, before selling your gold.

When looking for a gold buyer in Singapore, conducting thorough research is essential. At Gold Price Singapore Pte Ltd
, we have earned a distinguished reputation over the years, as we have been in operation since 2011 and have established ourselves as a reputable entity.. You can verify our reputation by reviewing our online feedback or asking for referrals from previous clients, such as friends or family members who have sold gold in the past.

We are humbled and delighted to have received overwhelming support from our valued customers over the years. Your valuable and genuine google reviews on are important to us. Your feedback on Google Reviews is highly valued. We appreciate the numerous genuine reviews we have received over the years, each contributing to our company reputation. We extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to all our valued customers who have continuously supported us since our establishment in 2011.

Gold Price Singapore Pte Ltd is the ideal choice for selling your gold. We are a regulated and reputable company with a dealer's license for precious stones and precious metals in Singapore, registered under Mlaw with the registration number PS20200001960. With extensive experience in the precious metals industry, we have established an excellent reputation in the Singaporean market, earning us the trust and reliability of our clients when it comes to buying and dealing with precious metals.

The price of gold fluctuates daily, so it's important to know the current market price before you sell your gold. You can check the price of gold via WhatsApp.

Before you sell your gold, make sure you gather all your gold items, including gold jewelry, gold coins, gold bars, gold nuggets and gold scraps. You can sell all types of gold items to us, including broken or damaged gold jewelry. Once you have all your gold items, you can get a valuation quote from us by sending photos and weight of your gold items via WhatsApp.

It's important to keep in mind that the initial quote you receive may not be the final price, as the value of gold can fluctuate. That's why we encourage you to contact us again for a requote when you're ready to sell your precious metals.

Once you're ready, you can schedule an appointment with us at our office to complete the transaction. We will pay you instantly by bank transfer or paynow for your gold items.

To get the best deal for your precious metals, you can reach out to us now via WhatsApp: