Gold investors seeks to have a real physical touch of owning gold with a strong sense of security may go ahead to buy physical gold bars instead of those intangible gold investment for example, gold exchange traded funds (ETFs), paper gold or vault storage allocated gold which you do not have physical ownership of it.

For vault storage allocated gold, you must also beware that some companies might probably provide you with free storage for just a period of time, after the free trial ended, they will charge you a storage fee which can add up to quite a significant amount if you are looking to invest in gold for the long term. This is the reason why buying physical gold bars and have ownership in your own hands make more sense.

Physical gold or we call it investment-grade gold can be in a form of gold bullion bars, which you can purchase at close to spot price. The gold bullion bars weights varies from 1g, 2.5g, 5g, 10g, 20g, ½ Oz, 1 Oz, 50g, 100g, 500g, 1 Kg etc. Physical gold can be easily liquidated when there is an event of economic crisis it is a good hedge against recession.

Important notes

1. Most gold investors accumulate their wealth with physical gold ownership by acquiring investment grade gold bullion bars.

2. Choose honest and reputable dealer and ensure the bars or coins they supply to you are (GST exempted) investment graded bullion bars or IPM coins which can be easily liquidate internationally. Check the bar purity and size before you buy from them.

3. You must expect buying physical gold bars with reasonable premium above spot price as there is cost to it.

Process of buying physical gold

Buying physical gold bars online is very easy. Only buy gold from reputable website such as, the precious stones and precious metals dealers registered in the republic of Singapore. is a division of Gold Price Singapore Pte Ltd. A Singapore registered company (Reg No: 201118982K) established since 2011.

Gold Price Singapore Pte Ltd has been around since 2011 with good reputation and good track record over the years. We are very transparent in every dealing to our valued clients and our clients are happy to get good deals from us. We are persistent in adding value to our customers by offering a whole range of related products and services and are committed in offering the best value of all your precious metal’s needs.

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You can choose the investment graded gold bullion bars you intend to buy by weight, quantity, and price. At this moment, we accept payment by PayNow or Bank Transfer mode only. We provide free delivery island wide in Singapore. You can also fix an appointment with us by visiting our office for direct purchase on the spot during our office hours.

The size of gold bars investors can choose to invest is in a range of 1 Oz bar to 100 gram so that it make it more worth while for you to wait for your investment value to increase more in the long term. The gold bar is the size of a name card, with plastic packaging also act as a certificate. It is important for us to know that, we shouldn’t temper with the certificate, always keep the certificate intact and do not force open and try to touch the gold bar itself. It is because once the certificate was tampered with, the value of the gold will drop as many gold dealers will find it hard to find buyers and they will not buy from you at market value once the certificate was being tampered with.

Once you have purchased your desired investment graded gold bullion bars, you may choose to secure them in a transparent zig lock bag to protect them and store them in your home with a fireproof safe deposit box for a peace of mind.

Invest in physical pure gold bars only. Investment graded gold bullion bars should be at least 99.5% purity. I would suggest 99.9% purity to be exact. Gold investors who buy gold bullion as an investment should buy the gold bars which clearly stamped the weight, the purity of 999.9 % and the name of the manufacturer for example brands like Pamp Suisse, Valcambi, Perth Mint, Credit Suisse, Argor Heraeus, Royal Canadian Mint etc, which are listed under LBMA Good Delivery List.

What is the difference between physical gold bars and gold coins?

Any form of physical pure gold have significant investment value, but there is some difference to the investment graded gold compared to gold coins. Investment graded gold bullion bars were known to gold investors as lower premium compared to gold coins, where gold coins feature nice design strike, with rare limited value or rather numismatic value which add on to the premium.

But if you spotted low premium gold coins from our online store, you can consider to add them into your investment portfolio as well. The key to your gold investment is good value. We carry investment graded LBMA listed gold bullion bars or IPM qualifying gold coins which are GST free and internationally recognized. Thus, in future when your physical gold you hold appreciate, you can easily liquidate them.

Buy physical gold in the size that can be easily liquiduated

As a season gold investor, we should consider the ease of liquidation in the future. If you have 1 kg gold worth of capital, it is advisable to go for 100g gold bars x 10 pcs instead of a 1kg gold bar. It is easy for you to liquidate or buy back at any time when there is market opportunity. It is much easier for you to find buyer who will buy 100g gold bars than 1 kg gold bars when gold price rally at high price if you quickly want to find buyer to sell in the market.

Gold investors can monitor the spot price of gold in SGD or USD from website. You can check our stocks availability from our website when we have stocks available and we always focus to provide the lowest premium of investment graded gold bullions bars or coins directly from our online store.


As a season gold investor myself for over 12 years, physical gold is always a must have investment in my portfolio. Ownership of physical gold is the only way to build your physical gold wealth.

Gold Price Singapore Pte Ltd provide physical gold in various form, we aim to provide the best value of your physical gold purchase. We carry IPM qualifying Gold Coins which is GST exempted and LBMA listed brand 999.9 Gold Bars. You may shop at our physical gold online store at and we provide Secured Delivery in Singapore. For order at our store counter and self collection, you may arrange an appointment with our sales person, Billy at (65) 9781 8351.